THREE Talents of Bangor University FC to look out for

With the great success of Cardiff Met University FC this season, it should be an indication of the talent that’s on offer in many university teams, and perhaps a place teams should look at for talent.

With Bangor City and Cardiff Met clashing this weekend, here is a list of three players of Bangor Uni’s side that could one day be seen in the Welsh League System. 

Liam Walker an attack minded player, who can occupy most roles across the front line however is most dangerous on the wing. The 5″7 winger posses pace, a good touch and the ability to dribbler past defenders, a deadly mix for any attacking player, and crucial for a winger. With a good finish to, as shown by his goals for the Bangor Reserve team, and his pressing of defenders he can bring something to a game, whether it be workrate or goals, making him a very positive asset to the team. His future is also bright and could one day see him breaking into the Bangor team, or maybe another Welsh League outfit.
Even in the ranks of the second team, there are numerous talents that could one day go onto feature in the Welsh League system. Former Rochdale midfielder Dean Taylor is one. Taylor occupies the centre of the pitch, with a good touch and a great passing ability he has the fundamentals of a strong central midfielder. He clearly has bagfuls of talent, to accompany his passing skills he also has the capabilities to score goals to, with a good shooting ability. Not only technique, but midfielder Dean Taylor also has great awareness for the game and is a very vocal player to. An all round great midfielder, and at the age of 18 has a strong future ahead of him.
Reserve goalkeeper for the second team, former Northampton Town and MK Dons youth George Read is another talent in the making. The student who studies history stands at 5ft 10″, although not being the tallest of shot stoppers his ability is still clear, having played on the same youth level as Dele Alli at one point in his youth career. At the age of 20 and clearly possessing talent in his gloves, Read would be a strong addition to a squad, first or second team. 

One thought on “THREE Talents of Bangor University FC to look out for”

  1. sam parsons says:

    Not sure where this information came from about my second team players. It is very nice to hear, however, I firmly believe that you haven’t seen them play!
    I have many players in my team who would be more than capable of stepping into the welsh system and to single out these two players shows a lack of respect to my squad.
    If you require any information please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

    Kind Regards,

    Sam Parsons.

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