Rangers rock up to Futsal League


Brickfield Rangers’ wide-reaching community project grew by another branch this month, with the announcement of a fustal team.

The team will enter a young side into the FAW Futsal League, which only began in October 2015. Comprised into regional sections, Brickfield will go against the likes of neighbours Wrexham Glyndwr, who are two time champions and have even competed at futsal in Europe.

A fast growing variation of association football, fustal consists of two five-a-side teams and is played with a smaller ball. This encourages a number of key techniques such as ball control, technique and passing, which has proved vital in its popularity with youth sides.

Brickfield’s side will be managed by Andrew Lee Roscoe, who has been boosted by the signing of former Chelsea youth player and St Vincent and Grenadines international Brad Miguel.

As a new side, they embark on a huge task in building a successful Futsal side, but with Brickfield’s record of growing community football, they’ll certainly be a side to keep an eye on.

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