Hay St-Mary’s Reserves grind out impressive win over ‘Dod’ Reserves 

The Friday night game saw Llandrindod Wells Reserves travel away to Hay St-Mary’s.

Llandrindod went in to the game full of confidence after a good 1-0 win over Newcastle and Hay went in to it with the complete opposite after a 3-1 defeat to Pen-Y-Bont Reserves.

The game started off with both teams settling in to the game, both teams looking to play football from the back. Unfortunately for “Dod”, Kev Jones played a through ball for Kyle Harding to latch on to, which saw him tuck the ball past Steve Fuller in the ‘Dod’ net. Half time saw Hay lead 1-0.

‘Dod’ made a tactical change seeing them balance things in midfield, which worked for the first 20 minuites, which saw them hit the woodwork twice. A brilliant corner from Kieran Macarrly saw ‘Dod’ captain, Cori Davies, have a free header in which unfortunately hit the crossbar. The cross bar was then hit again, but this time by Ryan Sims. Running past a couple of defenders saw the keeper beat but not the frame of the goal.

Hay then decided to go for another goal, a hopeful cross by winger Kyle Harding saw Josh Wisniewski head home, and only minuites later another headed goal for Hay, this time by debutant Matt Turrell.

The only disappointing thing about this game was the young hay striker kicking the Dod captain, Cori Davies, after he was shielding the ball back to the keeper. This was missed by the ref, who only saw the aftermath of the incident which saw both players finish the game with yellow cards.

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