A team with a buzz – Briton Ferry Llansawel Ladies FC

“New season, new league, new challenges – same ethos.”

This was the buzz that was overwhelmingly evident at last nights Briton Ferry Llansawel Ladies Football Club. I’d arrived with Gareth the photographer about 20 minutes early – I wanted to catch the players arriving, I know from experience that training following a loss the previous weekend can damage morale- but, to my surprise- there wasn’t even a hint of it.

The squad arrived in vast numbers, and then some! The two coaches, Ross & Simon seemed at ease with the numbers drifting in and new players looking to make an impact. They’ve got a master plan for this team, and they know what direction the cogs need to turn.

A vast number of the squad have all come up (quite recently) from the junior system- they know each other inside out, they work for each other, and defend each other with an unrivalled loyalty.

Despite the scores not going the way they’d hoped, the entire squad all believe they have got something special- the way they have attacked teams has earned them plaudits from their peers.

The step up from junior football and last season in the lower division will undoubtedly take time to adjust, but, IF they can hold on in there – they could challenge the big guns next season.

BFL certainly have the talent- players like Lucy Powell & Renee Day could walk into any WPWL side blindfolded, and there’s definitely more where they came from, developing and gaining experience, which is something you can’t buy for these women – quite possibly the next generation of WPWL stars.


From my own point of view, I really want this side to stay in the premiership- if they can do that (and I know that is a massive task) the world really is their oyster.

BFL Ladies are next in action at home to Cascade on Sunday in the Welsh Cup with the kick off at 2pm.

I would also like to thank everyone involved in the club for making my job ridiculously easy.

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