THREE reasons why Gary Roberts has been Bangor’s starman

Opinions are something that vary between every football fan, but one thing all Bangor fans can agree on is the superb quality of star man Gary Roberts. 

Captain, playmaker, defender and set piece specialist Gary Roberts has had a superb debut season at his new club Bangor City. The midfielder who was moved to the right back position, left absent after Declan Walkers departure. Here are three reason why he’s been such a hit:


The midfielder has proven his versatility for the club, having played in his natural midfield role and a new role at right back. Not only does he look like a natural right back, but also one of the best in the league.

Providing endless strong defensive shifts for the Citizens one end of the pitch, and assisting and scoring the other. Gary Roberts is a superb defender, but also an excellent attacking outfit for the side. Whether it be bursting down the wing and opening a defensive line, a superb pinpoint long pass or a expertly executed tackle, Gary Roberts can do it all.


Gary Roberts has shown he has bags of talent and skill, his technique on the ball is superb. With a range of passes under his belt, a strong short pass and an excellent long range passing ability any player would be proud of.

An equally superb crossing ability and ability to skin defenders and leave them in the dust makes him an terrifying attacking outlet. His technique and talent make him very dangerous to oppositions defences.

Gary Roberts also posses a talent for set pieces, despite not seeing a ‘Gary Roberts Special’ from a FK recently all Citizens know he is capable. Being City’s penalty taker and having not missed one, his talent is obvious. His talents also lie in defensive responsibilities, being able to time a tackle well, hold off attackers and keep his composure on the ball.

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Despite racking up numerous yellow cards this season so far, Gary Roberts composure and leadership have clearly come through on the pitch. The experienced player who after only half a season has bagged himself the captains armband, highlight his good leadership.

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