How Nantyglo turned their season around

After just 7 games, Nantyglo were rock bottom with just 2 points but a run of 11 games unbeaten has turned their season around.

With their manager of previous seasons, Andrew Bristow departing the club after a poor start to the season, club secretary Gareth Curtis took over the reigns as first team manager and since then the club haven’t looked back since as they now sit 7th in the table.

The former Crickhowell player who joined the club back in 2010 offered to take over if a manager wasn’t found and with no objections from the players and the backing of club captain Alan Emore, they took a different approach.

With an influx of players leaving before the season had begun, it meant that Nantyglo were short on players which contributed to them losing 6-1 to Race in Curtis’ first game, despite going 1-0 up at the break.

Reverting from a 3-5-2 to a 4-3-3 in their next game worked wonders as they won their Amateur Cup match against Trevethin 8-1. The change in tactics was to give Nantyglo more stability in defence, which would also offer attacking options too. 

Those in Gwent County have stood up and noticed how Nantyglo are becoming a force in the Gwent County Division Three as they recorded their fifth consecutive clean sheet.

Callum Nuth, a player that Gareth managed as a youth player at Ebbw Vale Town has been a key factor in the sides’ resilient defence.

Since then they won 8 more games and drawn 2 in the process, which may have changed the clubs season expectations now,when not long ago, the future was bleak.

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With the emphasis at the club now on youth, players are more committed to the club and with an average age of just 21, this can allow the players to feature for the club for years to come.

One thought on “How Nantyglo turned their season around”

  1. Rhian nuth says:

    This is amazing for Nantyglo, they have really given it their best, here is to a amazing season and so proud of my son Callum Nuth the goalkeeper who hasn’t played foitball for over 3 years until joining again last season, the Glo!!! X

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