FC Porthcawl: A club already making waves

Set up as a club in the summer of 2016, FC Porthcawl are already on the road to success as they sit top of the Port Talbot Premier League. 

A 2-1 victory on Saturday against Tata Steel United, who are also a brand new side, who were performed as a phoenix side following the demise of Tata Steel FC, meant that Porthcawl extended their lead over Cwmafan to 8 points.

The club had reasons to begin when Jon McCarthy, Matt Bowden and Dai Owen were relieved of their duties of South Wales Alliance side Porthcawl Town Athletic. 

McCarthy, Bowden and Owen would take over at Afan Lido’s reserve side but during their time there, they were approached by players who had been a part of Porthcawl at a junior age and felt the need to begin a brand new club.

Having been knocked back at playing their home games at Locks Lane, where Porthcawl Town currently play, FC Porthcawl found a place they could call home in Rest Bay.  

If the club does win the Port Talbot Premier League though then they will have to wait as the South Wales Alliance have introduced a rule that will only allow promotion if a club has been around for three seasons. 

Ambitious plans to produce a second team as well as a womens team are also in the works which could mean that Porthcawl could boast two South Wales Alliance teams should FC have their appeal overturned. 

Chairman Matthew Bowden stresses how FC Porthcawl is a club for the community of the seaside town.

“We are a community club with the best interests of the players and our clubs families at heart.

The camaraderie between all the players and management is something special, that has never been witnessed by myself.

There is only one way this club is going and that is up. We owe a big thanks to all the sonsors that have come on board and backed us, we are here to stay.”

With only one loss this season and with the best attack and defence in the league, FC Porthcawl look a formidable force, despite not even being a year old.

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