Half-Time Nathaniel MG Cup Final thoughts with Barry Town United fan Rhys Deans

Clwb Pel-Droed caught up with Barry Town United fanatic Rhys Deans at Saturday’s Nathaniel MG Cup final who gave his half-time thoughts.

Barry fans travelled in their hundreds and didn’t stop singing throughout. They were a credit to Gavin Chesterfield and his players.

– Obviously you’ve travelled in your numbers, your fans have been incredible so far. What have you made of the first-half?

Rhys: “Unbelievable! The atmosphere has been fantastic. Words cannot describe the effort that the team’s been putting in, especially for the fans as well. The game live on television as well, it shows we’ve got a lot to offer as a club whether or not we have fallen down or climbed back up we are still pouring our hearts out for the team.

– You’ve contained TNS for most of this half, where do you see this game heading?

Rhys: “Tough question, it’s a never say never game. Just got to think optimistically and confidently. We know TNS have always been the better side in the season, and sometimes in the Cup finals but the first-half goes to show that we’ve put a lot of effort in and we’re not afraid to go up against teams like TNS.

In the second-half I hope to see a goal or two go in. I mean, I would love to see eleven go in. I’m just glad we are here, and we are supporting our team and I am proud of the team whether we win, lose or draw. It doesn’t matter, they’ve played so brilliantly and so well that I am absolutely proud of them and they’re going to go home as champions already.”

– Do you think you have learnt from last year’s 5-2 defeat to TNS?

Rhys: ” I think we have learnt, TNS have got to face the fact that TNS have never played a team like this before in a while. I know last year when we went up against them we come up short being 2-1 up and losing 5-2 but then again we’ve developed as a team and they’ve developed as a team, but how much have they developed?

We’ve come a long way, and so far in this competition we are hungry for this. TNS is the best team to come up against in this competition, and if we beat them it just goes to show we came out as the true underdogs and we come out as the true champions and TNS are not the team to be beaten anymore, and are not the team to be focused on in Wales”

– Where is this Cup final going to be won and lost?

Rhys: “I can’t say that because quite frankly you got a team like TNS and a team like Barry Town United, and we’ve got such a history. For me to say Barry Town are going to win it, I’m just trying to say let’s play our best and hope for the best in the last minute or so.

When it comes down to the 93rd minute, whatever the score will be, all we know is the best two teams are in this final. When it comes to final games, final Cup rounds, in the Welsh Cup, this Cup final, you know that there are two teams that come out on top and today the teams that have come out on top is Barry Town United and TNS, but Barry Town United the most.

Unfortunately for Rhys, and the 700 plus supporters who travelled to roar their side on at the Nathaniel MG Cup final it would be TNS who would eventually prevail, winning 4-0 with a hat-trick from chris Sargeant and a goal from former Wrexham player Adrian Cieseslewicz.

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But regardless, Barry can still be loud and proud as they were in Saturday’s Nathaniel MG Cup final. They’ve got every chance of reaching the Welsh Premier League this season, and getting revenge on their bitter rivals, TNS next season.


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