FAN VIEW: Barry Town United

Clwb Pel-Droed caught up with Rhys Deans prior to Barry’s Welsh League Division One clash against Cwmbran Celtic, to gather his thoughts on this season, and how he felt about Barry’s chances of obtaining promotion to the Welsh Premier League.

It was important you responded last week after losing to TNS in the Nathaniel MG Cup final, and you certainly did that by beating Afan Lido?

“I think the Afan Lido game was a very tough competition because we were going back into the League. It was a matter of fact of brushing the TNS result off, and it was a tricky game for Barry after coming back from the final. Now the main target is promotion, and I have great confidence the players will deliver. At Afan Lido we always try to get the best away fans going. The team tried their best, and most importantly we got the three points, what more can you do. It was a stressful game for the lads, and I completely understand that. I think it goes to show we’re not hurt about what happened in the final. We are more determined than ever to get back in it, and say look, we are Barry Town, we are coming back. 

How do you see Gavin Chesterfield approaching today’s game?

“Same as always, just get back into it. Gavin’s thoughts and strategies is no different to any other game. Gavin shows no worries about what’s happening in five years time, he takes things step-by-step. I praise Gavin a lot, if it wasn’t for him and his backroom staff where would Barry be? I consider him to be one of the greatest manager’s Barry has ever produced since Gary Barnett, or even the Giles brothers. He may deny it by saying he’s just a manager, but he really is one of the greats.

Gavin Chesterfield has always stuck by the club, through all the ups and downs. What does this say about Gavin as a person?

“The likes of Gavin & Hannah Chesterfield, as well as the fans of Barry Town United Football Club has sent a message to other football clubs saying the spirit is alive, but you got to know the right people. The thing is with Gavin is he lives and breathes football, he’s a real football man. He’s brought in a lot of people to help out, especially his wife Hannah, who’s brought in a lot of publicity, and recognition. You’ve then got the likes of David Cole (the club’s secretary), he was the heart & soul of this club. He’s been there behind the scenes trying to save this club, and look where he is now. I wouldn’t be surprised in a year or two if he was inducted into the Barry Town United hall of fame, and he deserves it. 

How vital will the Barry faithful be between now and the end of the season?

“I always say I can’t wait until the end of the season, whether or not we get promoted. I hope we do get promoted, because it means a lot to the fans who’ve saw the suffering and beatdown we’ve been given. I don’t mean to be biased but I think we’ve been the best fans ever for a number of years, no offence to Port Talbot Town who came to the Nathaniel MG Cup final to support us. I’ve got to take my hat off to them, and we always travel to support them in Port Talbot. I believe we (Barry Town United), Caernarfon & Port Talbot have the best fan bases in the Welsh League. 


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