Bangor conditionally pass UEFA License

Bangor City have been granted the UEFA license on a conditional basis, and have just 60 days to appoint a UEFA Pro license manager if they are to permanently secure the license. 

After Ian Dawes’ recent departure, due to the fact he didn’t secure a place on a Pro license course, the club were left without a permanent manager ahead of the licensing announcements.

However, they have been conditional granted the license in order to appoint a Pro license holder to secure it. But, they have just 60 days to do so.

Whilst it seems most likely that Bangor will be entering the Welsh Premier League European play-offs, rather than gaining the automatic spot, they will require a Pro license manager should they win the play-offs.

With Neville Powell sacked at the beginning of the season, Andy Legg soon followed his predecessor out the revolving door at Bangor as he was not chosen as the man to take the club forward on a full time basis. However, Legg’s successor, Ian Dawes was recently dismissed as he didn’t secure a spot on a pro license course.

In the meantime, Gary Taylor-Fletcher has taken on the player-manager role in a temporary basis.

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