THREE Bala Town players who could cause The New Saints problems

With the Welsh Cup being this weekend and the two finalists having recently met, both sides may already know who they’re up against, but who are the ones to look out for the Lakesiders?

After suffering a 6-4 defeat at home to The New Saints, meaning that Bala miss out on representing the league in the Irn Bru Cup again, the players will want to stand up and make a name for themselves as they represent Bala in the clubs first ever Welsh Cup final.

Bala have made a name for themselves with such signings and there are plenty of options for Bala to choose from but here are three players that could really make a difference in the end of season show piece.

Chris Venables

Considered by some as one of the Welsh Premier League MVPs, Venables has experienced the joy of winning a Welsh Cup before and with his technical ability and experience, he could be a player that could cause The New Saints problems.

A threat from dead-ball situations, Venables delivery as well as accuracy from free-kicks, could also cause a problem for Paul Harrison in The New Saints goal.

Ian Sheridan

In the four times that Bala and The New Saints have met this season, Sheridan has registered three goals against the current Cup holders. Despite not being Bala’s top goal scorer this season, Sheridan knows where the goal is when facing The New Saints and he will be hoping that he can recreate his brace on what will be just over a week ago when the two sides meet.

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Anthony Stephens

With the plethora of forward options at TNS, it’s important to have a player who can deal with the attacking threat.  At just the age of 18, Stephens featured for Prestatyn in a final, keeping an experienced Bangor front line which boasted Les Davies, relatively quiet.

Five years on and there is no reason why Stephens can’t step up to the plate again and put on a performance again.



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