Why Wes Fletcher can fill the avoid after Quigley’s Football League move

After Scott Quigley’s move to Blackpool over the last fortnight, many have wondered on who will help contribute to The New Saints front-line as they look to retain the Premier League title.

The pair have both played up front for The New Saints and both have been involved at Football League sides, but now the roles are revealed.

Fletcher had experience in the Football League before moving to The New Saints, where he scored an impressive sixteen goals in 61 appearances for York City. But now Quigley will be tasked with the opportunity of scoring goals for the Blackpool and now it seems, Fletcher will be the go-to-guy for the New Saints.

It looks like under the new managerial-ship that Wes Fletcher could become the player that the team is built around as utilize him to his strengths.

(Featured Image: SameOldSmith)

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