Six Reasons Why Wales’ C Team Needs a Permanent Place in the Sport

Following Wales C’s narrow 3-2 defeat to England C at Jenner Park, it has to be considered i will Welsh domestic fans will be treated to this team on a regular basis? Here are just six reasons why C team international football needs to stay in Wales.

Keep Players in the WPL

The JD Welsh Premier League is a wonderfully unique league. But what happens when the national league or football league teams with a bit more cash than our beloved domestic sides make a swoop for top talent? They’re probably going to pack up their bags and follow the dream of a pro contract that Wales’ top flight teams often can’t match.

But for the many proud, talented Welshmen who play in the Welsh Premier League, the chance of representing their country is one not to be passed up, they may stay within the Welsh domestic pyramid and help the game grow throughout Wales in the years to come.

A Grand Stage to Advertise 

It’s difficult to advertise a league like the WPL when there are droves of talent playing just across the border.  But the incentive of watching Welshmen who play domestically within Wales represent Wales against traditional rivals like Scotland, Ireland and of course England could be a huge success if the money is put into advertising.

Then, with a bit of luck,  fans will learn more about the heroes of our domestic game and we can really build attendances and interest, perhaps even potential sponsors into the Welsh Premier League, giving it the extra respect it deserves within the football community.

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The Potential Fixtures

Their first game is against Wales’ greatest rival in all of sports history.  But what about a British Tournament, European Cup or even World Championships, the possibilities for C team football are endless.

To see players who aren’t earning millions of pounds to play, who put unbelievable passion into every kick of the ball is something many want to see, again if advertised correctly, and the possibilities with the game are endless, they could even be a stage to test new formats.

Greater Unpredictably

The leagues which will get exposure from C teams have a wealth of unknown talent. Jamie Vardy would have been eligible for the England C side if there were fixtures for the team in 2011. There are numerous quality players, and the fixtures present the possibility of discovering these hidden gems.

Each tournament and game would have different potential stars, as stars move to new leagues, new players emerge. With the teams they’re coming from not competing in any sort of inter league competition like the Champions League, no one will know how players will fare against each other until game day, making each clash all the more exhilarating.

A Change of Scenery

If you can’t make the trip down to Cardiff, live international football at open age level is hard to come by.  The upcoming Wales C fixture is being played at Barry’s Jenner Park, a place which has proven itself to be a great hub for football with passionate fans and a solid WPL side in Barry Town United.

The team could take games to all sorts of towns and cities which have thriving football communities but will otherwise not get exposure to international fixtures.  Aberystwyth, Bangor, Caernarfon, Connah’s Quay, Haverfordwest, Port Talbot, Rhyl and Cefn Mawr are just some of the options the Welsh FA would have when selecting fixtures, each bringing something different to a Wales C fixture.

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Wales Transforming Football

If the ideas suggested above come off we could be looking back at an incredible international competition in the not too distant future and be able to say that without the game on Tuesday, this would simply not be possible.

International teams which will have a place in all the fans heart for the promotion it gives to the clubs which are bringing communities together on and off the field everywhere in the world and it would be all because of the Welsh (and English) C sides on 2018.  What a proud moment that would be to celebrate for Welsh domestic football.


Featured Image: Will Cheshire

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