Barry Town United appear in BBC One series Sam and Shauna’s Big Cook-out

Barry Town United featured in the first episode of Sam and Shauna’s big cook-out, which was broadcast on BBC Wales on Monday evening.

With the club unbeaten in Phase Two of the JD Welsh Premier League, they teamed up with two of Wales’ best-known barbeque chefs in Samantha Quinn and Shauna Quinn to help out with the Barry community.

During the show, it sees various different players, fans and manager Gavin Chesterfield help out in barbequing a giant pig.

The four-part series explores how to bring communities together through cooking, and in this case, it shows how the people have Barry have been brought together through the large feast, which is filmed over Barry Island, as well as at Barry’s ground, Jenner Park.


“One of the things we saw here was it was a real team effort. Everybody contributes their time for free, all of that effort and work has played dividends for where they’re today.

I feel really honored that we could celebrate them and give them an occasion that they could all really enjoy,” said Sam.

Both Sam and Shauna have had an enormous amount of success since their successful business chain, hang fire after it was lauded as being the ‘best street’ food at the BBC food and farming awards in 2015.

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This comes after a successful few years for the pair, and they were clearly delighted with their efforts, and it has definitely helped promote Barry as a place and a football club.

Speaking to the official Welsh Premier League website, Chesterfield hailed the work of the local community due to the show being broadcast.

He said: “With 36 teams at the club across men’s, women’s children’s and pan-disability, there are many individuals who give up their time to provide a great experience to our 600 players. Being part of the big cook-out was the perfect opportunity to say thank you to all those who ensure our club is embedded in its local community.

This latest move will only help to elevate the reputation of the club, who are on the verge of securing a European play-off spot following a sensational run in Phase Two of the JD Welsh Premier League.

You can watch the first episode of Sam and Shauna’s Big Cook-Out via BBC IPlayer.

(Featured Image: BBC Wales)

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