From student to lecturer, Archers stalwart Corsby looks ahead to MG Cup final

Cardiff Met stalwart Charlie Corsby has spoken of the Archers’ remarkable transformation ahead of tomorrow’s Nathaniel MG Cup Final against Cambrian & Clydach Vale BGC.

The 27-year-old has gone from being a student to a lecturer at the University, and will be one of the experienced heads in tomorrow’s showpiece final.

Corsby has been with the Students for the duration of their rise from the lower leagues to the top flight, and has described the transformation in the last 10 years as “unbelievable”.

The midfielder joined from Brockenhurst in 2009, and has been an integral part of the clubs success in recent years.

Corsby, who is a lecturer in Sports Coaching, told of his excitement ahead of the final at Jenner Park: “I’m absolutely buzzing, it’s a massive opportunity for us. Obviously we’ve had our sights set on getting top six, we haven’t been able to make it so this gives us a nice little bit of respite while hopefully maintaining some momentum.”

It’s local, it’s a local derby as well in the grand scheme of things so it’s a great opportunity.”

The Archers Academy Director believes that while recent form has relevance, it doesn’t guarantee anything: “I think it’s important, form is always important. But when it comes to a final it’s anyone’s game, and I think Cambrian have shown that, they’ve taken some really big scalps and we have to respect that; but they have to respect that it’s a one-off as well.”

We’re going to take that momentum in, but it’s a final so anything can happen, we just want to make sure that we respect the occasion and we perform as best as we can on the day.”

As someone who has been involved in the Archers’ rise to prominence, Corsby has seen first hand the changes that have gone: “The transition in the club has been unbelievable in the last 10 years, since Swanny (Christian Edwards) has come in and taken over.”

You can see on the pitch behind us, you had a grass pitch and it wasn’t great for those who remember playing there. That’s one of the many things we now have: a 3G facility, a stand, and while it’s not a traditional ground – it’s our football club, and that’s probably the biggest momentum change that has happened over the last couple of years.”

This is turning into a football club, and that’s reflected with the support. We’ve got a slow, gradual increase in support, the attention that we get and then the players as well who treat it like a football club, not just a student team.

I think that has been reflected by some of the boys who have played for us, but also by the way we try and approach things, we try and do the right things.

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The success we’ve had on the pitch is indicative of what we try to do off the pitch.

Corsby believes that having a group of players that is used to each other is important: “I think anyone that coaches will tell you that longevity in your players is essential, having a group of boys that stick together. I think that’s important on the pitch, but it’s also important off it as well.”

We’ve got a really tight-knit group here at Cardiff Met, which you’d expect because we’ve got a predominantly student team. I think that can help you through, because when we get that side back together that’s what helps us – that longevity.

Cambrian have knocked out four top-flight sides on route to the final, however Corsby is not surprised: “It doesn’t surprise me, Cambrian & Clydach is a really tough place to go, I’ve been there a number of times over the years – particularly when we were in Welsh League Division One, and it’s a really tough place to go.

The Archers are yet to lift silverware in a cup, something which the Archers stalwart is keen to do: “Emlyn mentioned in the week that we haven’t won a senior cup competition, so of course that’s something that we need to stamp out.

“We’ve come up short in the last couple of finals, so that’s something we need to get off our backs. We need to make sure that we’re raring to go, and we play to the best of our abilities on Saturday night.

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