New Mid Wales pyramid reform proposed for 2020/21

The Central Wales Football Association has finalised plans for new reforms for its pyramid structure to come into place in 2020/21.

The Football Association of Wales has proposed a re-structure of the current pyramid system that will see Mid Wales incorporated into the FAW Championship South and North at Tier two level.

After the restructure is complete in 2020/21, all leagues below Tier 4 will not be leagues directly affiliated with the FAW.

However, in line with the new pyramid reform put in place by the FAW, the CWFA have proposed their own new structure.

The new pyramid in Mid Wales will see two divisions created at Tier 4 level made up of 16 clubs each. From 2020/21, Tier 4 will be split into a Mid Wales League East and Mid Wales League West, the most senior leagues withing the Mid Wales area.

The two divisions will be composed of clubs from the various leagues already present in the existing pyramid structure.

The Mid Wales League East will be composed of those clubs from the Montgomeryshire Amateur League and the Mid Wales League South. Whilst Mid Wales League West will be made up of clubs from the Aberystwyth League and the Ceredigion League.

The CWFA have also promised financial assistance to clubs travelling over 110 miles to play a league fixture within the new system or in the Central Wales FA Senior Challenge Cup.

This new Tier 4 structure will permit one club from both the East and West divisions to be eligible for promotion to Tier 3, on the basis that they meet the proposed ground criteria for Tier 3. However, if the first placed side cannot accept promotion, then second place will be eligible.

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There are further changes that are set to be implemented at Tier 5 in the new Mid Wales structure.

Tier 5 will consist of four regional divisions; North Ceredigion, South Ceredigion, North Powys and South Powys.

However, clubs operating at this level will be excluded from the Central Wales FA Senior Challenge Cup.

The CWFA have also insisted that they have the right to promote additional clubs to the Mid Wales League from Tier 5 to ensure that it maintains 16 clubs at Tier 4 level each season.

These changes will come into place from the season 2020/21.


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