How the average Welsh Premier League attendances line up with percentage of area population

Barry Town United, Caernarfon Town and Llanelli Town may get the biggest crowds in the Welsh Premier League, but are they well supported when other factors are taken into account?

The Welsh Premier League has a mixture of teams from a number of cities and towns, with populations differing from one spectrum to the other.

Connah’s Quay Nomads on Saturday reached a record crowd of 1086 in their history-making semi-final fixture against Edinburgh City.

So how are crowds looking in the Welsh Premier League and how do they compare against their population?

Toby Jones from the North East Wales Football Fanpage compared the average attendance with their area population. 

(Image: Toby Jones)

The attendances were taken from TransferMarkt. The website says the average attendance at a Welsh Premier League match is 354, having seen 46k spectators this season.

Despite being tenth in current average attendances, Bala Town are able to boast the best attendance based on population.

Caernarfon Town who are first in the average attendance table are second based on population, showcasing the terrific support that the Cofi Army have added to the Welsh Premier League this season.

Cardiff Metropolitan are 11th in the average attendances and bottom, based on population.

1.Bala Town

Average attendance: 262 at Maes Tegid.

Population of Bala: 1974

Percentage: 13.2%

Percentage: 13.2%

2. Caernarfon Town

Average attendance: 921

Population of Caernarfon: 9615

Percentage: 9.58%

3. Cefn Druids

Average attendance: 292

Population of Cefn: 7051

Percentage: 4.14%

4. Newtown

Average attendance: 277

Population of Newtown: 11,375

Percentage: 2.44%

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5. Aberystwyth Town

Average attendance: 312

Population of Aberystwyth: 16,420

Percentage: 2.39%

6. Carmarthen Town

Average attendance: 292

Population of Carmarthen: 13,760

Percentage: 2.12%

7. The New Saints

Average attendance: 291

Population of Oswestry: 17,105

Percentage: 1.70%

8. Connah’s Quay Nomads

Average attendance: 250

Population of Connah’s Quay:  16,774

Percentage: 1.49%

9. Llandudno

Average attendance: 286

Population of Llandudno: 20,701

Percentage: 1.38%

10. Llanelli Town

Average attendance: 334

Population of Llanelli: 49,591

Percentage: 0.95%

11. Barry Town United

Average attendance: 481

Population of Barry: 51,502

Percentage: 0.93%

12. Cardiff Metropolitan

Average attendance: 259

Population of Cardiff: 335,145

Percentage: 0.08%

Average % attendance – 3.36%

(Featured Image: Rhys Skinner)

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