How social media reacted to the news that Colwyn Bay are considering a return to Welsh football

There was a big announcement last night, as Northern Premier League side Colwyn Bay revealed that they are considering a return to Welsh football after 35 years in the English leagues.

As expected, the reaction on social media was sizeable, with football fans voicing their opinions on the club’s potential return to the Welsh pyramid.

These are just some of the tweets that were posted in response to the news that shook Welsh football:

Gareth on Twitter said:

Terry is hopeful that club will decide to move back to the Welsh leagues:

Gareth was someone who backed the club’s decision to leave the Welsh pyramid:

Chris gave his view on the potential benefits of re-joining:

Steven used rugby as an example of how a move back to Wales could be a positive:

Chris was of a similar viewpoint:

Jeff took a different stance and does not think that Bay should return to Wales:

Robert did not take the news as a positive:

Dan cited the ability to play in Europe as a reason to re-join the Welsh system:

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Former Colwyn Bay captain Sam Barnes has given his opinion:

The responses to the groundbreaking developments have been considerable, and the variety of comments listed above show that the eventual decision will be one that is received in different ways among football fans.


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One thought on “How social media reacted to the news that Colwyn Bay are considering a return to Welsh football”

  1. Huw Jones says:

    up to them ..BUT they shouldnt be parachuted straight into the Champipnship , meaning relegation for other clubs for reasons other than sporting merit.
    Cant pick and choose you made uour bed ..

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