Colwyn Bay intend to join Welsh domestic system

Colwyn Bay have this evening taken the decision to intend join the Welsh domestic pyramid from the English non-league system.

The club, who currently ply their trade in the eighth tier of English football, recently announced that the shareholders would be taking a vote on the club’s future following the news of their current plight.

In a statement made earlier last week, chairman Bill Murray outlined three possible decisions the club could take in a statement released through the club’s official social media channels.

“The club have decided to explore a possible return to Welsh football on financial grounds.

“The chairman and manager agreed their hearts want to stay in England, but their heads say return to local Welsh football and rebuild.

“The club needs £100,000 a year more revenue to stay competitive in the English system and with lack support from the town in terms people coming to games and business investment, that is looking impossible.

“To try and stay competitive in England was no longer viable and would mean the club going out of business altogether inside two years.”

“1 Stay as we are and see the club fold.

2 Stay in England on a drastically reduced budget and face repeated battles against relegation .

3 Start again in local Welsh Football and look to build from there to possible Welsh Premier status in three or four years.”

However, it has now emerged via the BBC that following tonight’s vote that the club will be seeking to return to the Welsh pyramid system following a vote by shareholders this evening.

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The club were part of the original ‘Irate Eight’, the eight clubs who refused to join the League of Wales upon its formation in 1992, instead insisting on remaining to play in the English system.

However, the club will now be making the switch to play in the Welsh domestic system following the vote.


3 thoughts on “Colwyn Bay intend to join Welsh domestic system”

  1. phil says:

    A club who have played in England, that could be a major force and without bleating on about how magnificent they were in 1948.

  2. Lewis says:

    Great for the Welsh league, they are a plus for it, and were nothing to English football

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