Petition started to get Welsh Premier League on EA Sport’s FIFA

A petition has been set up to get the Welsh Premier League featured in EA Sports’ FIFA 20.

The Welsh Premier League hasn’t featured on any version of EA Sports’ FIFA franchise and now a campaign has begun to get the league featured. There are 31 signatures so far.

The petition was set up by Barry Town United fan, Mark Carter who had followed his hometown team for a majority of his life.

Carter said: “I always had to edit the games and put my own Barry Town team in it. But nowadays, Fifa has every domestic Premier League in it. Apart from Wales. It just got me thinking, that’s not right.

“It has the Irish league and obviously Scotland and England who have a higher level of coverage anyway. But no Welsh Premier League which is a great standard of football these days and attendances are going up.

“A game like FIFA could really give the WPL more exposure. Children and adults would get to know all the players on all the teams. They would get to start career mode in Wales.”

A similar campaign has been set up by Vanarama who sponsor the National League, the fifth tier of English football, in the game.

England’s four top leagues are represented, alongside the top divisions of Ireland and Scotland, but Northern Ireland and Wales have yet to be represented on the game. You can play as the Welsh national team, with licensed kits.

Fans can, however, take charge of their favourite Welsh Premier League team on Sports Interactive’s Football Manager.

2 thoughts on “Petition started to get Welsh Premier League on EA Sport’s FIFA”

  1. Mike says:

    Put us in please

  2. Gareth says:

    The SPL and League of Ireland comprises professional clubs, the WPL does not. Same as the NIPL, it is mostly made up of semi-pro clubs, Until then there is more chance of EA Sports adding the Vanarama League. That is unless EA Sports decide to lump TNS and Crusaders with the likes of Helsinki and Kaiser Chiefs in the ROW section!

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