In a game in which is being described as a six-pointer, Prestatyn Town host Caernarfon Town in the final game before Christmas. 

In the reverse fixture, Prestatyn were victorious at The Oval, running out 4-1 winners. Williams wants his side to avenge that result by beating Prestatyn.

“We learnt a great deal as we were out-battled all over the pitch and I think it was a huge wake up call not just for the players but for the people on the outside of our circle as everyone expected us to just turn up and it would be enough to beat anyone in front of us.

However, football isn’t like that and we now have the opportunity to put that defeat right and we’re looking forward to the challenge.”

Caernarfon are yet to drop points on the road, with their home form the reason they are six points behind Prestatyn. 

“A win would do a great deal for us as I think momentum will swing our way if we did win, as was the case with this fixture last season.

 People keep referring to it as a ‘big game’ but so was Buckley away last week. 

When you want to win the league and when you’re competing at the top every game is big. We’re going to Prestatyn to have a go and to win the game.”

Caernarfon will be looking for the experience to help them again this season.

“Yes that experience may give us an edge but you could argue that Prestatyn have more experience given the fact they’ve got vast Welsh Premier experience and have played in Europe. We’re not thinking about last season though. That is now a memory. All we’re concentrating on is Prestatyn away on Saturday.”

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We’ve been better away from home and fans have been fantastic for us.

“No not at all. All but two of our dropped points this season have been at The Oval. We’re better away from home as teams have a go and the games become more open. The fans though have been brilliant again this term and from what I’ve heard we will be bringing a huge following to Prestatyn on Saturday again.”

I’m always looking to strengthen my squad.

“We’re always looking to strengthen. You cannot stand still in this game and if we find a player who can improve us further then we’ll have a look at the scenario. At the moment though the squad I now have are doing really well and seemed to have clicked of late. We’ll see what happens.

How have the new players settle down?

“Jay Gibbs has come back in not only a different player but a different person. We have the Jay Gibbs of last season and that statement was proven on Saturday as within minutes of coming on as sub he scored a great free kick. Jamie Roberts is something special and whom we hope to have at the club for a very long time, if we can keep him that is! Alex has vast experience and is a leader although Keighan Jones played at Buckley and was fantastic so it’s great to have two quality keepers at our disposal.

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