Gareth Morgan will be in the opposite dugout at Steboneath Park on Saturday as his AFC Porth side travel to Llanelli in what is a 1st vs 3rd clash.

Porth boast the best defence in the league and Morgan is proud of the efforts of his team. 

“Defensively I think we have done well to recover and achieve a good record so far.  It is mainly down to the hard work of the players involved. It will only really be a good job done if we maintain that record for the remainder of the season.”

Porth haven’t played as much football in recent weeks due to the festive break and games being postponed. 

“It certainly wasn’t ideal to have only played twice since the start of December, but that can happen in this league at times. It is what it is really.”

The Porth manager believes the club can reach Division One but its more than just the ability of the team at the moment. 

“We have the ability to reach Division 1, but there’s a lot more than just ability which will decide whether we get there.”

With the departure of Nathan Doe, Morgan believes a replacement is already tailor made at the club in Aaron Hughes as well as praising the recent performances of Ben Ahmun.

“I’ve been amazed to have read so much about that transfer to be honest. Aaron Hughes has been excellent and shown the required attitude all season long, and we have several other players who have scored goals this term as well. Sadly you find sometimes that players don’t want to battle for a shirt & take the easy way out, but the Ones who do will always do well.

Ben has been fantastic this season so far. He’s a talented lad and fits in really well with the rest of the lads.”

Morgan relishes the task in hand saying his players and prepared for the clash, it will also be the first time he’ll have come up against manager Andy Hill. 

“Hopefully the players are looking forward to it. It’s certainly a challenge none of them have faced before.  It will be the first time I’ve faced Andy, he’s assembled a great squad so I’m looking forward to it.”


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