Relegated Welsh Football League club Neuadd Wen fold

Neuadd Wen who were only in the Welsh Football League last season, have announced that they have folded as a club today.

Wen were relegated to the Gwent County League, after just a season in the Welsh League, in which they finished bottom, by a point.

The club were set up back in 2009 and had a rise through the leagues, however, it was deemed unviable to continue the club, following their return to the Gwent County League.

“With deep regret, the Neuadd Wen is no more. After exploring options through the week, it was not viable due to a few issues,” said a statement from Neuadd Wen.

“Club has achieved so much in a short period of time, and the club would like to thank everyone who has ever been involved with the success of the Wen.

Club Chairman and Founder Andrew Brooker was unable to commit to running the club after nine of years of involvement due to over commitments.

The club had tried to continue running the club and called for anyone to get involved, but this week it was decided that the club would be no more.

In their history, they won the North Gwent First Division, the North Gwent Premier and the Bob Anette Cup.

It now leaves the Gwent County League Division One with fifteen teams, for a second consecutive season following a number of mergers and withdrawals from the league.

Former Welsh Premier League club Ebbw Vale Town also folded as a club this summer.

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One thought on “Relegated Welsh Football League club Neuadd Wen fold”

  1. Eric Hall says:

    The date must be stuck on your computer or else you’re living in the past a little.
    The Ebbw Vale that was in the League of Wales folded 20 years ago – 1998 to be exact – just after theit match with Konigsvinter in the Inter-Toto Cup.

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