How Connor Bird is proving to be vital for Knighton Town this season

Knighton Town have had a content start to the season seeing them pick up seven points in six games but part of their early-season form is down to their striker Connor Bird. 

Bird, a Knighton born striker has been impressing early on and he is proving to the vital to the Mid Wales League team.

The young forward has been instrumental in to how Knighton have gone about their business this season and it is clear that the team could be built around Bird to bring the best out of the front-man.

In the 2013-14 season Bird was apart of a very strong Llandrindod Wells side that won the Spar 1 Lleauge which included a 13-0 win over Montgomery and an opening day away win against local rivals Builth Wells.

In just 28 games Bird helped Llandrindod to a team total of 101 goals in just 28 games, highlighting how prolific that Llandrindod team was back then.

The Spamen were accepted after making a number of improvements to the ground to ensure they could play in the second tier. They struggled to pick points up though and Bird decided to leave the nest and return to his home town of Knighton.

In the 2014-15 season when Bird re-joined Knighton, they were in the Spar 2 leauge. The class of the players shone in the leauge seeing them win the leauge with a total of 113 goals, 30 by Connor Bird, and only conceding 18 leauge goals which was the best defensive record in Welsh Senior Football.

The 2015-16 season brought a return to the Spar 1 leauge for ‘The Robins’. Unfortunately for them, they narrowly missed out on Cymru Alicance Football by just 1 point. But it was another impressive season by Bird seeing him score 33 goals.

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The 2016-17 season for Bird was a bit of an injury hit season, seeing him miss a fair few games but he was still able to find the net 9 times.

This season, Bird has bagged himself 8 goals in 6 games and will be hoping that his team can continue to feed him so he can keep scoring. The quick and physical striker will be hoping to continue his fine run of scoring and help his team to fly to the top of the leauge.

Bird has made a name for himself in mid Wales with a proven goal record that is second to none, and he will be looking to continue his early season form into the rest of the season.

The front-man is benefiting from playing alongside fellow front-man Ieuan Crowe, who is also a strong and quick striker. Both players can hold the ball well, aswell as making runs in behind which gives defenders a lot of thought when marking the two strikers.

For Knighton, they’ll hope that the current top scorer in the Mid Wales League can continue his red-hot early season form.

(Featured Image: Beverely Hemmings)

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