Point of Ayr resign from Welsh National League

In an event which many may have missed, Point of Ayr decided they will no longer compete in the fourth tier Welsh National League Division One as they recently withdrew from the competition.

No statement has been released by the club but the resignation has been stated on the Welsh National League’s website.

Their 2017/18 season didn’t get off to a good start season, conceding 24 goals over a three game period in which they could only find the net four times, they resigned from the competition in late August following this poor run of form.

Last season wasn’t spectacular for the club either, Point of Ayr finished in eight place (just four places from the bottom of the league) accumulating only five wins and two draws in a season where they finished 15 points behind the team ahead of them (Rhos Aelwyd).

With form being hard to find for the team, the 45 minute trip they were making every other week from Point of Ayr to their league peers, primarily based in the Wrexham or Mold area, was a long way to go to come away  from fixtures with nothing to show.

But it won’t be the end of the world for fans and players with a Welsh Premier League side in Prestatyn as well as clubs in Welsh Alliance, Vale of Clwyd and Conwy and the Cymru Alliance league are also within a drive-able distance from Point of Ayr.

The club will thus follow in the footsteps of Borras Park Albion, Garden Village and AFC Brynford who have all found themselves folding from the Welsh National League in recent times.

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The Welsh National League Division 1 will now be a 13 team competition, which is currently topped by a Maesgwyn side who have had a complete change of form compared to last season, but it is still early days in the season so everything is still to play for.


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