Disgruntled Bangor supporters to set up Phoenix club

Disgruntled supporters of Bangor City have this evening voted to begin a phoenix club which will enter the Welsh pyramid system.

The Bangor City Supporters Association met tonight and overwhelmingly voted to begin the proccess of starting a new football club.

A statement from the group read:  “We believe that the formation of a new club is the best way forward. On a practical level we are the guardians of Bangor’s football heritage and we need to ensure that there is a club that truly represents the city and its people.

“A new club would also be ‘our’ club so both clubs would inextricably be linked by the fact we are all Bangor fans.”

The group has already taken steps into forming the club and formalising plans. The Football Association of Wales have already been contacted by the group about entering a club into the system.

It is hopeful they will be able to secure a Tier 3 compliant ground, as well as approaching a ‘well-respected’ local management teams and come to a ‘preliminary’ agreement with a kit supplier.

The newly-formed club would remain in the Welsh pyramid system, rather than attempting to play in England like the current club did many years ago.

The current club currently sit fifth in the second tier of Welsh football. They withdrew from the Tier One Licence application process. Bangor was relegated from the Welsh Premier League last season after failing to obtain the licence, despite a second-place finish.

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