After TNS’ 10-0 romp over Rhyl, we sent our writer Mathew Jones to interview TNS manager Craig Harrison.

After the astonishing score line at Rhyl, and strong start to the season, do you expect TNS to have any challengers this season?

“Yes without a doubt. Its a great start but it’s only 3 games into the season. Connah’s Quay and Bala have invested heavily and Bangor are clearly very ambitious and I also think Newtown will have another good season.”

Today’s performance has meant TNS have scored 41% of the goals so far in the WPL*, how does that make you feel as manager?

“Yeah it’s a very good record to have. And as long as it continues at that % all season, I will be very happy. Its something we have concentrated on a lot in pre-season and at the start of the season.”

Is getting past the qualifiers in Europe the aim for TNS? And if so can we expect to see the club going further in the near future?

“It’s something the club, Chairman, executives, staff and all players all want and we are striving towards getting into group stages of Europa League. Just look at St Patrick 4 years ago and then Dundalk this season, so it’s not impossible for a club the size of ours to be able to do it.”

If the right offer came about in the future would you consider a move into the football league?

“I was a very ambitious player and I’m even more ambitious as a manager as I had a successful playing career cut short with a injury at 24, playing in the Championship having already played in the Premier League, which drives me on every single day to be the best I can be as a manager and to manage at the very highest level I can. I will work hard until I get there.”

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And finally, what do you make of the recent comments by Bangor manager Andy Legg that the club is considering going full time?

“I think it can only be good for the league. There is a strong rumour Connah’s Quay may be thinking about going full time also. In a perfect world all 12 clubs would be full time and it certainly would improve the league. And in turn, improve the European records and improve our league coefficient, which will give all the teams a better draw in European competitions.”

*All stats were correct at the time of interview. 

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