Aber game gets green light after storm

Aberystwyth Town have given the green light for Friday’s game against Bala Town, after a storm hit the town last week. 

The club, who are based in Mid Wales, suffered damage to their Park Avenue ground when a storm hit the area.

The storm caused damage not only to the ground but to the area too, with a large tree collapsing on one of its roads.

CREDIT: Cerys Smith (@cerys_haf)

The club had to close its newly opened 3G facility, after a floodlight collapsed on itself during the severe weather, but was reopened today (22nd November).

CREDIT: Aberystwyth Town Football Club (atfc.co.uk)

However, the floodlight damage is expected to take a couple of weeks until all is fully operational again, in which time the club still maintain optimistic about completing their fixtures at their home ground.

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