Why Met can keep heads held high after impressive first season

It wasn’t the finale that Cardiff Met could have dreamed of as they suffered play-off agony but it was still a season to remember for the Archers. 

A top six finish and a buzz around social media before the match has really put the club on the map and next season, Met fans will have reasons to be hopeful.

Coming in to the league, Met will have been an unknown quantity to some, although they did play some sides in the Welsh Cup to some.

But now, names like Will Fuller, Emlyn Lewis, Will Evans and Adam Roscrow will become basement names in the league and opposition sides will be aware of what they’re up against.

Many were unsure of how a club that doesn’t pay its players could be so successful but with an ethos of togetherness and hard work, the capital based side have shown the way this season.

Director of Football, Dr Christian Edwards has continued the woodwork that he’s brought to the club over the last few years and his experience in the league before as caretaker manager of Aberystwyth has surely helped him and Met adapt to top flight football.

Finishing in the top six is no mean feat and sometimes, even the teams who have served the longest in the league have found it difficult to secure a top six spot, so to achieve that in your first season is impressive.

Some clubs in the league have praised the way Met have gone about their business, showing that the Archers have won many over the course of the season.

With their refreshing new outlook on the league, the Archers will want to continue their good work into next season and with an impressive infrastructure in place, there is no reason why they cannot go one further.

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